Xabi Erkizia (Spain)

Xabier Erkizia

Multidisciplinary artist from the Basque Country in Spain. Has been working on different media as tv, radio, paper, video, cinema, internet…. Erkizia’s principal characteristics are investigation, some kind of curiosity on any art or communication form and diversity. Xabier Erkizia has collaborated (live or in studio) with the likes of: Mattin, Eddie Prevost, Ilios, TV Pow, Alejandra & Aeron, Margarida Garcia, Mark Wastell, Josh Abrams, Nishide Takehiro, Billy Bao, Luis Marte, Pablo Reche, Alan Courtis, John Oswald, ixi-software, Akauzazte, Tzesne….
He also organises a yearly international festival in Bera (Nafarroa) ERTZ , dedicated to experimental arts and is director of the sound department in the center of contemporary arts in San Sebastian ARTELEKU.

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Edition V
curatorial contribution of soundart from Spain curated by Rubén García Villaplana
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