Once completed, AND – Artists Network Database represents the database estabklisged on 10 January 2001, including the biographies of artists and curators who are participating in “The New Museum of Networked Art” and its subordinated project environments since 2000.

This database curated by Agricola de Cologne will allow all people interested in receiving information about these artists to access their involved art works and the connected project environments online, as well.

The New Museum of Networked Art

operated by
artvideoKOELN international
artvideokoeln (at) gmail.com

FAQ – Frequently asked questions
How can I become part of the database as an artist?

Principally only artists and curators who are and were collaborating/participating in the context of The New Museum of Networked Art are eligible to be listed. Their biographies become automatically part of the database by participating in at least one of the numerous project platforms.

As a corporate part, these listings represent a free service by The New Museum of Networked Art for the involved artists and curators and the interested users online.

So, it is unfortunately not possible to apply and submit.