Diana Rangel & Maria Bilbao Herrera (Venezuela)

Diana Rangel y María Bilbao-Herrera (nodoCCS)
two Venezuelan artists/educators – curators @ The W:OW Project – We Are One World

& founders of mnodoCSS, an experimental and generative platform for the arts, based in Caracas Venezuela. aimed to generate links among different art practices in Venezuela and bring these approaches to a collective framework by offering open calls locally and internationally, both for teaching, studying, exhibit and criticism & broadening a plural debate around our approaches to art practices.

nodoCCS is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to research and training in contemporary artistic practices. We work in several continuous programs and various art projects. One of the main ones is the Videoart Festival nodoCCS that, through the support of artists, independent spaces and allies, we have managed to organize it for three consecutive years in Caracas, Venezuela.

The festival since its inception, seeks to address a young audience, opening a call for emerging artists from all parts of the world whose purpose is to promote a continuous articulation of national and international videoart. In this way the festival also ends up being a continuous reflection about how we understand the medium (video art) and the spaces in which we present it (which in our case, is not the classic white cube).

List of videos

Elena Pastor – So it was: transit in the city of shortage, 1’58” 2014
Raúl Rodríguez – R E D .gif (2014), 30″ loop
Yenimar López – Invisible, 2’34” (2015)
Manuel Eduardo González – Miramar (From the series “La Siembra del hito piedra”) (2015), 7’47”
Max Provenzano – Lech, 2014 , 1’40”
Andrés Rodríguez Decena – Unitario n13 (2017), 1’1”
Kiari Bastardo – A brief visual story about the embezzlement in Venezuela , (2016) 0,11”
Abraham Araujo – “A post it written to God. Even though he may never read it. Titled: Big tectonic movements happenings”, 4’52” (2016)