Roc Jiménez (EVOL) (Spain)

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros

Roc Jiménez de Cisneros (Barcelona, 1975) is a musician and composer. Since 1996, he is the core of computer music project EVOL, and his work has been released on internationally acclaimed record labels. In 2003 he began developing a series of electroacoustic pieces entitled ‘Punani’, in which he deepens in some of the main aspects of his work, such as algorithmic composition, various synthesis techniques, spectro-morphology and the musical application of fractal geometry. Since 1997, he co-runs the record label and artists collective ALKU with Anna Maria Ramos, as well as, a platform for absurd computing and binary obfuscation. He lives and works in Barcelona.

Roc Jiménez (EVOL) is participating in

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Edition V
curatorial contribution of soundart from Spain curated by Rubén García Villaplana
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Roc Jiménez (EVOL) (Barcelona)
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