Feran Fages (Spain)



Ferran Fages (1974) is a self-taught musician who plays guitar, acoustic turntable and electronics (feedback mixing board + pick ups). He lives and works in Barcelona (Spain). He has been active in the improvisation scene since 1998, and a member of the collective IBA from 1999-2006.
Besides this activity in improvisation, he’s also working on his own compositions for guitar. He’s also active in poetry.

As a regular projects he’s playing with :

.CREMASTER (with Alfredo Costa Monteiro).
.Fages-Barberán-Costa Monteiro trio
.Fages-Gross-Guthrie trio
.Fages-Gross-Möslang trio
.FAGUS (with Pascal Battus)
.Rega-Fages duo

He did different collaborations with the choreographers and dancers:
Olga Mesa, Carme Torrent and Constanza Brncic.

He’s played with Mattin, Margarida García, Ivan Palacky, Manuel Mota, Xavier Charles, Francisco López, Thomas Chamertant, Andrea Neumann, Taku Unami, Masahiko Okura, Masafumi Ezaki, Bukhard Beins, Ingar Zach, Guiseppe Ielasi, Mark Wastell…. among others.

As a guitarist he normally plays solo, but he has played with Derek Bailey, Pablo Rega, Phil Niblock and Rhys Chatham.

He has played in different festivals and venues such as: Nits de la Fundació Miró, Sonar, OFFF, CaixaFórum and LEM (Barcelona), Sonicscope (Lisbon), Ertz (Bera), Cruce, Auditorio Nacional Reina Sofia and La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Arteleku (Donosti), Sound 323 and LMC festival (London), WORM (Rotterdam), Instants Chavirés and Les Voutes (Paris), Off-site (Tokyo), A4 (Bratislava), Cave 12 (Geneva), Music Lover’s Field Companion 2007 (Newcastle)…

Feran Fages is participating in

SoundLAB – sonic art project environments

SIP – SoundLAB Interview Project

Edition V
curatorial contribution of soundart from Spain curated by Rubén García Villaplana
Coeval (Madrid)
Xabi Erkizia (Basque Country)
Roc Jiménez (EVOL) (Barcelona)
Feran Fages (Barcelona)
Rubén García (Valencia)