Juan Carlos Blancas (Spain)

Juan Carlos Blancas

Juan Carlos Blancas (Malaga 1976). He works with sound in different
areas: music, audiobooks, instalations, films, etc. He has been making electronic
and experimenal music since mid 90, first as part of the group Coeval, and later with
his solo project. He mainly works with location recordings, also with computer generated
sounds and interactive music systems.

SoundLAB – sonic art project environments

SIP – SoundLAB Interview Project

Edition V
curatorial contribution of soundart from Spain curated by Rubén García Villaplana
Juan Carlos Blancas(Madrid)
Xabi Erkizia (Basque Country)
Roc Jiménez (EVOL) (Barcelona)
Feran Fages (Barcelona)
Rubén García (Valencia)