Remigio Coco (Italy)

Remigio Coco

is born in 1965, he studied Piano at the Conservatorio “O. Respighi” in Latina (Italy) with Maja Samargieva, graduating in 1985; after, he started studying Composition with Antonio D’Anto’. Besides music, he studied Electronic Engineering at Rome University “La Sapienza”, graduating in 1992. In recent years he studied Electronic Music with Roberto Doati, Francesco Galante, Agostino Di Scipio and Serena Tamburini, graduating in 2002. As a composer and researcher, he has written some works for small ensembles, and electroacoustic works for magnetic tape with or without instruments, performed both in Italy and abroad; furthermore, he is interested in developing software for sound analysis and resynthesis. As a performer, he plays piano and cembalo with different chamber groups, including Logos Ensemble, Filarmonia Italiana, Ensemble Pontino, Ensemble Cameristico Italiano and Euterpe Ensemble.

Remigio Coco participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition I
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter