Pawel Janicki (Poland)

Pawel Janicki

Pawel Janicki (born 1974) is an independent media artist and producerworking with generative music, microsound and algorithmic composition,interactive systems for performances and installations, and his ownconstantly developed hard- and software. He composed soundtracks andinteractive SFXs for art-CD-ROMs, TV and radio; realized projects based onfractal music and 4D real-time generated animations using fractal theory;contributed to various record compilations that document avant-garde ofelectronic and electroacoustic music, and co-operated with many artists,institutions, recording and IT industries.
Pawel is networked with WRO Center for Media Art ( andactually his work is concentrated on software based sound/music processing,net-applications (especially in the sound context), and revitalisation ofexisting military and entertainment technologies and infrastructure. He’salso a member of well-knowned, exploring lo-tech aesthetics collectiveGameboyzz Orchestra Project (, and author of PingMelody – software and performance joining improvised music with informationexchange in world’s dataspace of Internet.

Pawel Janicki participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • Edition I
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter