Paul Barrios

Paul Barrios
Paul Barrios. His work has been oriented towards diverse media such as audiovisual, painting and performance. Most recently, he has been exploring creative works through cinematography with an approach that involves materials and resources from the visual arts. In his work, he explores sociopolitical problems specific to his country which, in turn, intersect with global events. He is currently working on projects that link indigenous communities in Colombia and their relationships with ancestral traditions that are fast disappearing.

Participant in
Corona! Shut Down? 2020

title of video: Lavado de manos / Handwashing, 2020, 5:01
Handwashing is a video piece that, through performance and oral testimony, depicts the personal vision of a Colombian citizen immersed in a series of doubts and contradictions that have arisen from information overload from the media on the topic of the pandemic.

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