Maria Bergström


Maria Bergström (b. 1993, Falun) is a sound artist working with poetry, various musicians, samples, a long list of different microphones, acoustic and electronic instruments. She tells vulnerable stories through building soundscapes with focused presence, the meditative journey as the biggest goal for listeners. On subjects like original sin, human nature and the soul, she collaborates with visual art like video, and interactive art like installations, to make sound art more accessible.

Participant in
Corona! Shut Down?

video title DAT_HEAVY_CHEMISTRY, 2019-2020, 4:44
DAT_HEAVY_CHEMISTRY is very much about the difficulty in the give-and-receive dynamic that’s so necessary for human relationships. We go through this personal death at some point in our life and it can be the toughest period to overcome before finding what truly deserves our energy. Now we’re doing it together.