Aşkın Ercan

ERCAN, Aşkın
Aşkın Ercan is a video maker and digital visual artist who lives and works in Turkey. She graduated from PhD at the Gazi University, Department of Fine Arts. Her recent works focus on urban life, humanity and memory through portraying humans who are lost and sometimes visible in urban life. Her most recent solo show is The Girl on the Wire, TAC Gallery, Tulsa/Oklahoma, USA 2018. Her recent group shows include (AbNormal…, Oda Art Gallery, Turkey, Eskişehir, 2020, “A part that is missing never breaks” Kunstpavillion and Künstlerhaus Büchsenhausen, Innsbruck, Austria, 2018, The Settlement of Time, 27th İstanbul Art Fair, 2017, and Crossing Borders, Living Art Tulsa, USA, 2017.

Participant in
“Corona! Shut Down?

Title of video: Physical Boundry, 2020, 2:27
Synopsis: The “Physical Boundry” describes the physical limitations of dealing with covid -19 virus nowadays when we have to lock in homes. We are in a struggle to survive every day with the obligation to clean everything. It is a performance video where the act of washing is repeated over and over.