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Jake Cole
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ognQmH7mtP21qqr9nmTaA

A New Brand is an art collective based in Chicago, founded by Michael Carrig and Jake Cole. Our works until this point have been video, music, or text based, including the poetic series Downtown, the Night is True, the long-form short A Water Queen with an accompanying mythic prose poem, a series of shorts: Console, SARS and Stripes!, as well as an extensive essay on the history of riots, rebellions, and revolts in America beginning in the early 18th century. We will soon launch a podcast, Text of the Matter, in Janurary, which analyzes seminal modern philosophical texts.

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video totle :SARS and Stripes!, 2020, 1:38
SARS and Stripes! is comic, it is agit-prop, it goes low, as a means of demonstrating what Deleuze refers to as the transcendental nature of stupidity. That is, no individual is stupid, but rather the grounds that undergird their thought is illusory. Here we press the images and sounds of that zone of thought to its logical conclusion, into the animal that hides in us all, and the ways we express it.