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Olga Neva - Mushroomship
Olga Neva

Olga Neva (Mushroomship).
Born in 1976. Graphic designer and anthropologist born in Colombia and living in London. As an anthropologist of material and visual culture her work has been focused on photography and Tourism- Mass Consumption. As a graphic designer, her work has been known in Latin America and Europe mainly in the field of typography and research methods. Her photographic works have been seen in Argentina, Colombia and Norway. As a researcher she has participated in different projects regarding urban imaginaries in Latin America, Love Consumption, and Museum Design. Olga was head of the graphic design programme at Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Cartagena – Colombia until 2005. Part of her work can be seen in Mondaman: A Professional Tourist and Mushroomship: Life in Images for which she has been invited to different venues to talk about her experience.

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