Matteo Campulla (Italy)

Matteo Campulla
was born in 1982 in Iglesias (Sardinia, Italy). After completing his artistic studies in Cagliari, he worked for many years in anonymity, dividing himself between music, painting and video. This latter medium subsequently became the fulcrum of his artistic research.

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
title of video: THE COVID-19 SPRING BREAKERS, 2020, 3:00
synopsis: “Two artists leave Milan, a city struggling with the first covid-19 infections, for the week of contemporary art fairs in NY. In the same days the situation in Italy worsens day by day: Milan becomes a red zone, the “lockdown” begins and the flights for the return are canceled. Back just in time in a deserted city, after 13 days of quarantine, here is the direct testimony of isolation and artistic work during the covid-19.”