Katya Sanna (Italy)

Katya Sanna
born in Narni (the Narnia de “The Chronicles of Narnia” by C. S. Lewis) – always at work on new musical or visual art projects
is a singer, composer, painter, embroiderer, author/creator of the blog “Il Ramo d’Oro” dedicated to the arts and cultures of the world and of art web gallery “Lys d’Or”.
Winner of the “Premio Alda Merini ” of “Rom’Art Independent Festival” with her performance “L’Approdo”(“The Landing”).
Author of the fantasy trilogy “Le Chant de l’Ange” presented on “Il baco del millennio ” of Rai Radio 1,and by the public library of Rome “Elsa Morante”
Her “La Via Delle Stelle” (“Way of Stars” first chapter of the “Trilogia delle Stelle” – Trilogy of Stars) is cd of the month for the historical music magazine “Rockerilla”,
trilogy that includes also her music and video “Storie di uomini di donne e di sogni” (“Stories of men and women of dreams”) dedicated to migrant peoples.
In 2017, always in free download posts the ebook “Bluebook”, collection of embroidery dedicated to science fiction characters, “Segnali” (Signals) photographic ebook of temporary installations of street art and “L’annullamento” (The nullification) mailart against violence against women.

Participant in
Corona! Shut Down?
LA ROSA QUADRATA, 7:48 – audio
Track made in the days of social distancing arranged to contain the COVID-19 epidemic
“Rosa Quadrata” is the definition of the virologist Ilaria Capua towards the strength of women and the ability to resist COVID-19
The Square symbolizes the Earth, the Space, connected to number 4
which indicates perfectly developed manifestation of Divine Perfection, the Microcosm, the Human Being.
The Rose symbol of the feminine, often associated with female deities from various eras and cultures.
It also summarizes the spiritual path, the cyclical movement of Time