Alina Tofan (Romania)

Alina Tofan

Participant in
The Wake Up! Memorial
Corona! Shut Down?
title of video: Ritual of the Quarantine, 2020,

“My name is Alina Tofan and I have recently graduated from the Caragiale Academy of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography – Acting. At the moment, I am a student at Master- Art – Therapy – Psychodrama. My goal is to develop as many artistic means of expression. My array of preoccupations encompasses all innovative modalities of communication and creating relationships with people. As an artist in training, my goal is to express as many emotions through the body, to communicate with all my senses and to put on display various images, to compress or dilate time.
I consider non-formal formation to be essential. From Iwan Brioc himself, I managed to -encounter the work method used in the labyrinth theatre. I participated at several workshops, namely URBAN INSCRIPTION – held by Claudia Bosse, I learned from Thiago Granato and from other wonderful important artists from Romania but also from other countries(Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan, Paris), Linda Kapetanea from RootlessRoot – likecndb2017, “The Body as a Tool Is a Dancer” , workshop „New Breed Tournament” with Zuzanna Ratajczyk and Eoghan Ryan, workshop – EMBRACING THE UNKNOWN with the director Tang – Shuwing, The Handmade Image coordonated byTara de Freitas, OPERA PEKING (JING JU) and more others) whom shared some of their experience with me and with whom I had the chance to also put into practice what I have discovered, in the performances that took place at the end of the workshop.
I think my personality manifests itself to an extreme degree in any artistic act and it is my main ability. As an addition, my skills gained from tribal fusion and vogue, the experience from
the living statue techniques, and also all the workshops that I have attended come to complete the circle. Also, I consider that the experience gained at Radio Itsy Bitsy FM – presnter, internship a Radio Guerilla and Europa FM/Radio 21 surely contributed to my learning process and will help me in the future. As an intern at Radio Guerilla and Europa FM I learned a variety of new things,
ranging from production to advertisements and I came in contact with everything that entails working in the radio industry. Now I’m waiting to start again a new job in media industry.”