Danielle Liberman

Danielle Liberman
24 years old | Photography & Art Bezalel academy Jerusalem.
“My passion is day life issues that vanish in minutes but left their impact on our behaviour and thoughts. Through that moments I can connect to my basic feelings in my body, which then can be implement in my objects and images.
My work is influenced by my love to aesthetic art ,experience in fashion industry and my feminist agenda. With this tools in mind I create new worlds based on current one with changes that I found needed to be made.”

Participant in The Wake Up! Memorial – Corona! Shut Down?
Video: Coronavirus in Google Translate, 2020, 5:14
This video include Gogle says “corona” in different languages. all of the images are from security camera that I collected in the internet.
This video wants to show what goes around the world while corona virus got the control on our life. how does it impact in my country and in other countries as well.