Jim Barrett aka NaDa BaBa (Sweden)

Jim Barrett aka NaDa BaBa

Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

I started as a poet and dancer with improv performance groups around my home town Toowoomba, Australia. Many nights of 4 track adventures and altered states. In 1991 I saw the Butthole Surfers play. I quite my job and moved to Sydney to take up the life of a Bohemian Art Object. From 1991-1994 it was poetry and sitar that were my primary concerns as I stumbled around Surry Hills, Newtown, Petersham and Redfern in Sydney. I performed at the ‘What is Music’ festival in Sydney in 1995 at the Harbourside Brassiere. In 1995 I joined the performance art group Senslesss. We made huge metal sculptures and played them while accompanied by fire dancers, films, costume, instruments you could wear and acrobatics in art happenings and club parties. In 1996 I hitchhiked around Tasmania on a 3 month busking tour with a friend. In 1997-98 I travelled to Europe and North Africa. In Morocco I experienced the music of the Berber and Ganoua. I lived as a street musician in Amsterdam for most of 1998. I have also busked in Berlin, Barcelona, Paris and Stockholm. In 1999 returned to Australia and helped run a warehouse space for artists and musicians in Redfern, Sydney. In 2000 I moved to Sweden in the far north of the country. Since then I have played at festivals around the Sámi homelands of Lapland. I began a PhD in digital textuality in 2003 and perform much of my research in HUMlab a digital studio and research lab at the University of UmeÃ¥. I have released two solo CDs on the musicyourmindwillloveyou label. I play and recorded in the band 6majik9 which is based in Australia. In Sweden I play in a trance earth project that so far goes by the name of JoVe.

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