Eldad Tsabary (Canada)

Eldad Tsabary


Interview for SIP – SoundLAB Interview project

short bio:
The compositional style of Montreal-based Eldad Tsabary is strongly inspired by the concepts of constant motion and fluidity. These concepts are, in his mind, defining qualities of life itself, and he is ever in search for new techniques to produce smooth transformations, aural metamorphoses, and a sense of motion in his work. Eldad portrays these qualities by ontinuously transforming his sound-material, textures, and harmonic content, by varying
the types of transformations, and by avoiding mechanical repetitions or long, unchanging sound/musical objects.
His works have been recorded and performed by the Bulgarian Philharmonic, Haim Avitsur, The Cygnus Ensemble, Silvie Jensen and Yuval Cohen among others.

Performances include Carnegie Hall, CCRMA, “Primavera en la Habana 2004” (Cuba), Spark Festival, Bellingham Electronic Arts Festival 2005 (Bellingham, Washington), and Burning Man Festival 2004 and 2005 among many others.

Mr. Tsabary’s music is released on ERMMedia, Capstone Records, New Adventures in Sound Art, JAZZIS, The Infinite Sector, comfortstand.com and SoundLab Channel, and published by Editions-BIM (Switzerland).

Tsabary is a professor at the Concordia University Music Department Electroacoustics Studies (Montreal, Quebec), Head of Music at CBB Montreal and an Artist Mentor for the MFA in New Media Program of the Transart Institute (Krems, Austria).

Eldad Tsabary participates in

  • SoundLAB
  • 2007
    SoundLAB – Edition V
    soundStory – sound as a tool for storytelling
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter

    Edition IV – Memoryscapes
    edition04.b. m’scape 01

    Edition III
    curated by Melody Parker-Carter


  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Tsunami Memorial curated by Agricola de Cologne

    Memorial for the Victims of Terror
    curated by Agricola de Cologne