Hermes Mangialardo (Italy)

participates in
VideoChannel – One Minute Film Collection
VAD – Video Art Database
VIP – VideoChannel Interview
Flash & Thunder – Flash as a tool for artistic creations

Hermes Mangialardo ( ) was born in 1975 in Copertino, a little town in the south of Italy…

After a childhood with a passion for italian comics and japanese cartoons, and after some graphic experiences, in 2001 he started to product his animations.
In the last years he has developed many clips and animations, and he has won many prizes, like the MTV Flash Awards at Hamburg Bitfilm Festival, the Giffoni music Concept for the best animation videoclip, the first prize at Independent film Festival in Florida, etc.
In 2006, with a crew of designer, he founded a multimedia agency, Plasmedia ( ).

He is participating

CologneOFF III – 3rd edition of Cologne Online Film Festival

  • Toon! Toon! – art cartoons and animated narratives
  • VideoChannel – video project environments

  • VIP – VideoChannel Interview
  • “art cartoons & animates narratives” – selection curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne