Artur Augustynowicz (Canada)

Artur Augustynowicz

HBFA-Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario,Canada
MFA- University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

presently residing in Toronto, Canada

I’m a subversively decadent postmedernist with a healthy dose of nihilism
inspired by Dada, basking in a glow of TV screen.
I plagiarize and appriopriate. I copy and paste. I deconstruct, reconstruct,
recontextualize, juxtopose the pilfered material. I mix and remix, morph and
reproduce. I displace meaning. I reuse and recycle. I confuse, obfuscate,
stretch the truth and invent lies. I’m a parasite that feeds on a corpse of
(post)modern culture.

His video
Dream – 1:00, 1996
Artur Augustynovicz

participates in

NewMediaFest2007 – DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
Cinematheque – streaming media project environments
Slowtime2007? – Quicktime as an artistic medium
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne