Daniel Nicolae Djamo

Daniel Nicolae Djamo
Daniel Djamo (b.1987, lives and works in Bucharest) is a promising young Romanian artist, being interested in personal and group histories. He combines installation with video art and photography in order to evoke the past and to underline “the now.”

Winner of the ESSL award, Henkel Art.Award. Young artist prize CEE, Startpoint Prize Romania and the Grand Prize of the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest.

Daniel benefited from residencies in Paris, Kassel, Chemnitz, Bruxelles, Vienna and Liege.
He exhibited at the Museum of Moscow, Kunsthaus Dresden, Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA) and the ESSL museum from Vienna, while also presenting his works in Germany, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, USA, Russia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Estonia etc. His video artworks have been screened in numerous video art and film festivals.

He is a PhD candidate at the National University of Fine Arts from Bucharest.

Participant in

CologneOFF VIII – Continental Drift

The Wake Up Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Daniel Djamo (Romania) – Untitled: Syria, 2011, 5:58
This video presents a protest from September 10th, 2011 made by the free Syrians that live in London, as a response to the state of affairs in their homeland.