Kaiser Nahhas

Kaiser Nahhas
A Syrian who aspires to be a filmmaker in the future, I’m self-taught regarding filmmaking, and I shot all my work using a camera of a friend.
I am interested in the situation of displaced Syrians aboard who fled because of the ongoing war, besides the uprising in Turkey.
All my works are self-funded with almost no budget at all, and I am independent in terms of the way I do work.
I used to be a political science student in the University of Damascus, but I couldn’t finish my studies because I had to flee my country.

Participant in
CologneOFF X – Brave New World
The Wake Up Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD

Taksim Anti-Censorship Protest – Original Title: Anti-Censorship Protest in Taksim (22 Şubat 2014), 2014, 04:27
A protest against the censorship laws issued by the Turkish government; which would allow the government to block access to certain websites and track down people’s activity on the internet.
This was the second protest regarding this matter, and the protesters failed to protest in Taksim square because the police surrounded it, so they started the protest from Istiklal Street.
The protest didn’t last more than 4 minutes and then it was clashes with police in the allies and streets for two hours.
I shot this video without having a gas mask and I faded out at one point but some protesters helped me regain consciousness.