Ivar Veermäe

Ivar Veermäe

Ivar Veermäe is visual artist concentrating on issues of public space, mediation processes, new technology and networks. His projects are based on long term artistic research, which goal is to analyze the notions connected to information, networks, materiality, locality and also representation.

Participant in
CologneOFF VIII – Continental Drift
CologneOFF X – Brave New World
The Wake Up Memorial – Gandhi PPNRCD
Ivar Veermae (Estonia) – Warm Up, 2010, 2:24
I shot this video on the 1st of may in Berlin and it shows antifascist-minded youth who are planning to interfere in a neonazi demonstration without knowing where it is held.
What I am trying to show here is that antifascist movement is mostly comprised of young people who just want to do something without having clear political agenda behind it.
Alternatively, it can be seen as a temporary breakout from the individualized and normalized everyday life created by modern capitalism.