Brian Routh (UK)

Brian Routh


FROM 1971-
ICA Boston, USA. Art Institute, San Fransisco, USA. Lincoln Centre, New York, USA. Miles Playhouse, LA, USA. UCLA Art School, LA, USA. Danceteria, New York, USA. Hallwalls, Buffalo, New York, USA. Kitchen-New York, USA. New Vaudeville Festival, San Fransisco, USA. The Arties Awards, New York, USA. Franklin Furnace-New York, USA. Munich Olympics, Germany. Festival of fools, Amsterdam, Holland. Festival Tabarka, Tunisia. Forum Theartre, Berlin, Germany. Schauspielehaus-Frankfurt, Germany. Rudolf Swirner Gallery, Cologne, Germany.
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Holland. ICA London, England. Royal College of Art, London, England. Bonn Summer Festival, Graz, Austria. Galerie Krinsinger Innsbruck, Austria. Whiskey a go-go, LA, USA. Nancy Festival, Nancy, France. Pistoia-Festival, Pistoia, Italy. Lace Gallery, LA, USA. Ontario, Toronto, Canada. Western Front, Vancouver, BC Canada. Arther St Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada. Acme Gallery, London, England. Modernes Theartre, Munich, Germany. Whitechapel Gallery, London, England. NRLA Glasgow, Scotland.
Beyond Barogue, LA, USA. Area Club, New York, USA. Lower Links, Chicago, USA. 1708 E. Main Gallery, Richmond, Virginia, USA. Judson Church, New York, USA. New Langton Art, San Fransisco, USA. Coca, Seattle, USA. Chandlelier, New York, USA. Pro Arts, Oakland, USA. ICA, Boston, USA. Warner Grand Theartre, San Pedro, California, USA. Darinka, New York, USA. Climate Theartre, San Fransisco, USA. Randolph St Gallery, Chicago, USA. Living Room, San Fransisco, USA. PS 122, New York, USA. Lincoln Centre, New York, USA. Highways, LA, USA.
Onyx Cafe, L.A, USA. 80 Langton St, San Fransisco, USA. Café Largo, LA, USA. Orwell Memorial Space, LA, USA. Crash Club, Pheonix, USA. Sunvalley Centre for the Arts, Idaho, USA. Zero One Gallery, L.A, USA. 8 BC New York, USA. Sushi Gallery, San Diego, USA. World Theatre Festival, Cologne, Germay. Noisefactory, Chicago, USA. Cat Club, New York, USA. La Soffita Theartre, Bologna, Italy. Teatro Municipal, Reggioemilio, Italy. Teatro Ribalta, Piacenza, Italy. Pinacoteca, Ravenna, Italy. Franklin Furnace, New York, USA. ICA, London, England. Acme Gallery, London, England. Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, Germany. ICA, Houston, Texas, USA. Willis Gallery, Detroit, Michigan, USA. Café Gallery, London, England. NRLA Glasgow, Scotland.Cleveland performfance festival,2003. Collective Unconscious,NYC,USA,2003.

Brian Routh participate in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Island – netart from UK and Ireland

  • A Virtual Memorial
  • Memorial for the Victims of Terror
    curated by Agricola de Cologne