Enrique Radigales (UK/Spain)

Enrique Radigales

21121970 Saragossa, Spain.
Since 1995 Enrique has developed art projects with digital media. As a co-founder of “strdub” he has created artistic projects for the research center Hangar (Barcelona, Spain), the Museum of Electrography of Cuenca (Spain), and Arco Electrónico (Madrid, Spain).
In 1999 he co-founded Fiftyfifty –a cultural agitator and a production company for multimedia author products– where he stayed until year 2000. Among other tasks, Fiftyfifty organized media activities in the Centre of Contempary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), Hangar and Sonar in Barcelona, Spain.
He has recently taken part in the exhibition VOSTESTAQUI for the Triennial of Barcelona, in the retrospective RETARDADOS (Saragossa, Spain) with the group Ecrevisse and is the author of the aesthetic discourse of the experimental music label oozebap.

Enrique Radigales participate in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Island – netart from UK and Ireland