is a Uk based artist who deals with net art, multimedia, and electronic music. Most of his work can be viewed from This main stanza site features lots of the internet art projects. The Central City and Inner City are investigations into urban structures. Other projects include Subvergence, which subverts fragments and images from the internet. Now available is Subfusion a browser application for searching the net for images and sounds. Also online are amorphoscapes, twenty sections of audio visual generative paintings. I am interested net specific works and technologies. My time is spent addressing the issues around net art and the protocols of the net as a medium.
Stanza has published all of his audio visual works online through a series of individual projects. The work crosses borders between artistic, technological and scientific sectors. At present the net artworks can be used in a number of forms and formats, ie the web, gallery and CD-Rom. Certain pieces are adapted for installations and many works allow the engagement of the public/audience as a creative user. Most of these online projects have been invited for exhibition in digital festivals around the world, and in the last three years these works have won five first prizes most recently Senef Grand Prix, Korea 2002, as well as Video Brasil 2001, Links first prize Porto 2001, Cynet art 2000 first prize Dresden. Recent exhibitions include Sao Paulo Biennale on the theme of metropolis in Brazil, Immedia USA , and Museo Tamayo arte contemporáneo in Mexico. Stanza has been to fifteen countries presenting his net art and giving lectures and performing.

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  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Island – netart from UK and Ireland

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