Annemarie Steinvoort (NL)

Annemarie Steinvoort
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

Born in “Radio City” Hilversum The Netherlands, Annemarie Steinvoort has been fascinated by sound and music from a very early age. While studying at the Utrecht School of the Arts she started using electronic instruments and tape recordings in combination with her visual art.
After graduating in Graphic Design and Photography she scrutinized the connection and perception of art, motion and music and went on to study Electronic Music Production in Amsterdam. Steinvoort composed for and exhibited projects using various art media such as installation, performance, video, animation and photography. She designed and exhibited a special ‘audio motion chair’ which gives freedom of movement and shuts out sight to be at one with the sound and inner experience. Also she created installations and compositions to be perceived in the dark and was invited to compose soundscapes for the Dutch Music Days.
Her work deals with what she calls ‘Immatereality’, interaction between the immaterial and reality.

Projects she initiated, curated and directed include Dreamed Poetry (art and poetry exhibition),
De Gallerij (dialogue exhibitions), Soundportraits (multimedia project), Sensus (exhibition in the dark, calling upon combining all senses), Labyrinth of Possibilities (interdisciplinary art experience project), SENSE IT! AudioFilm Project (“Gesammt Kunstwerken” of composers and vocalists in which space for pure improvisation in intrinsic language is essential), Merge (painting and electronic music compositions). Steinvoort is on the board of Sophies Artprojects, an artist-led initiative which stimulates interaction between artists among themselves and between artists and their audience. She was a planteam member of FollyDock, International Follydesign Contest Rotterdam.

As international sound artist Annemarie Steinvoort contributed work to Soundscape after 2000 (Netherlands), Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek, Shanghai Biennale 2004 satellite show (China), Moonstruck, Hong Kong Artist Biennale 2005 (China), ICMC 2005, International Computer Music Conference Barcelona (Spain), Phonurgia Nova 2005 (France), Nuit des Musees 2006, Museum
of Modern Art Arles (France), Soundwaves Festival 2007 (England), Levka Ori Creative Encounter 2007 (Greece), Magnesia 2 Visual Concerts 2008 (Belgium)