Per Platou (No)

Per Platou
Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

Per Platou (1964) is a curator and artist who studied Media theory, Criminology and History of ideas at the University of Oslo and City of London Polytechnic. He has extensive knowledge of and experience with production within the sound/video and media art scene, with special focus on electronic media.

In 1989 he founded dBUT – a small and eclectic music label, distribution and production company. Since 1995 he has co-directed the art group Motherboard with Amanda Steggell. They have produced a number of performances, installations, seminars, worklabs and other activities closely connected to live and media art. Per has also curated a number of exhibitions and events, among them “Written in stone – a archaeology” (Oslo 2003), “Bekmörk” (Belgrade 2003) and “Reality Check” (Oslo 2004/5).

From 1995 Per was an active member of the first ever “internet rock band”, Res Rocket Surfer, and co-founded the offspring band Nood who released 2 CDs and performed live for many years. He has produced a number of sound works for theatre and film, as well as sound art installations. He is currently working on an experimental short film on 35mm, exploring perception aspects within the cinematic surround sound format.