TZ/X – Zoltán Tonka (HU)

TZ/X – Zoltán Tonka
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SIP – SoundLAB Interview

After some years of drumming in rock bands I had a little pause and tried to express my musical influences by own songs. TZ/X is my one-man project. The name was created by combining my monogram with the character of a Hungarian cartoon called MZ/X who lived in the far future and hold the contact with his ancestors living in our times. His life was full mechanized and spoke a futuristic language. Alike TZ/X music is personal and mechanized in the same time and has a futuristic feeling..
Since the summer of 2006 a lot of song has already been made. I don’t have any official release yet, now I’m searching records or/and compilations to publish my tracks.
I like to use strange rhythms, drawing for example upon jazz, folk or progressive music, and particular, almost dissonant melodies too. Noises and sounds that aren’t real melodies can make my imagination moving toward the visual world. In fact in every music track there is something that for example fine artist can represent.
I think music is not only an audio experience, and I try to create accordingly.
I like many kind of music, from Cradle Of Filth to Szakcsi Lakatos Béla, it depends on the mood what I listen to and what I create. I really love progressive rock, black metal, noise, but for example industrial, dark, gothic or movie soundtracks also inspire me.
Some favourites: Psychotic Waltz, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake&Palmer, Trilok Gurtu, Marduk, Meshuggah, Merzbow, Nordvargr, Rovar17, Ulver, Alan Parsons Project, Dead Can Dance

I have a prog.rock band too ( ) and I play on drums in a martial/industrial/neofolk orchestre ( )

I have two radioshow on a Hungarian netradio: , I also write to a webzine: and translate articles to