Alex Aleixo (USA)

Born in Brazil in 1952,

Alex Aleixo

moved to Rio de Janeiro right after getting his bachelor’s degree in architecture. At the same time he started doing collages. At one of his exhibits he got an offer to do designs for silk screen, which he still does full time. He moved to Los Angeles in 1989 to keep working on graphics for the garment industry. When graphics went digital, he got his first computer and made his first contact with a program called Photoshop. This new tool changed his work completely, all of a sudden the limitations of traditional collage were gone. That’s when he decided to invest a little bit more of his free time building a career as a digital collage artist.
Since 1980 he had several solo and group shows in Brazil and USA.

Alex Aleixo is featured in the online showcase
“Just Positive” curated by Agricola de Colognefor

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