Ian Moyer (USA)

Ian Moyer
is living and working in San Francisco, California.
He is working artistically in different disciplines. The aspect of installation working has been selected for this show as it shows a very individual kind of working combining interior design, architectural and artistic free form elements, mixture of applied and free art challenging not only from the conceptual, but also the physical side, as he is executing these works by his own hands.

It sounds like a contradiction – an unlikely association – but Ian Moyer bloomed in the desert. Where some say gentleness is out of place and only ruggedness will prevail, he flourished. This romantic artist and his work are proof that beauty surrounds those open to experiencing and interpreting their insights of beauty in their lives. And, so, what may at first blush be perceived as a dichotomy is in reality a symbiosis.
Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Ian Moyer moved to San Francisco, California, in 1978 and then migrated south to the high desert of California near Palm Springs in 1987. There, he lives with his Rottweiler, Bonnie, on the perimeter of a nature conservancy. There, on long walks through this natural setting, the artist draws inspiration.
Nature, as it will, took its course. With a background in construction and a compelling need to recreate the beauty he saw around him Ian Moyer experimented with various materials to introduce biomorphic shapes into his desert home. To bring a genuiness to the alterations, he became an expert in painting faux effects. Before long, he was applying his painting skill to the canvas.
The large-scale installations created by Ian Moyer can be seen in several public places and private residences and his paintings are being shown in California galleries.

Ian Moyer is featured in the online showcase
“Just Positive” curated by Agricola de Cologne for

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