Michael Berube (USA)

New York based
Michael Berube
was actually a musician and pop singer, before he came to visual art and painting after he was tested HIV positive.
Maybe in the beginnig rather a kind of therapy, he became a serious painter. His artistic interests are focussed on his gay identity, which finds itself manifested in the representation of the human body, as well as in symbolist – surreal compositions.

Born in upstate NY(Endicott) and educated at the University of Buffalo(without a degree), I set aside visual arts and focused on the performing arts for 20 years. I was a regular performer at the Pyramid Club in NY, and did theater will many companies such as Tweed but my main focus was a pop music career and in 1987 I was signed to Dream Records and released a 12″ single under the stage name Michael London which charted very well (no. 27) but my career was stalled by my AIDS diagnosis. Almost 10 years passed with no creative outlet. I lost some years to drug abuse and when I went into recovery rediscovered my first love: visual arts-painting. I have been painting ever since and now work as an artist at a design and decorative arts studio.

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