Ximena (Spain)

Ximena Labra

I work with objects and images in order to redefine the meaning of apparently simple things. It is our every day thinking what defines the quality of our life.
Most of the ideas that travel through our minds are based on acquired knowledge from which we have either created our own opinion or borrowed from somebody else without even giving them a second thought. There are so many things we assume as facts without even noticing how they build a subtle but firm frame into which we fit our lives, assuming doubtless truths. How big is this frame? What does it take for most of us to notice we could actually make it wider, depending on the things we choose to think? Simple alterations of simple things can make a difference, and taking a closer look may even change them completely. And it is simple things life is made of.

Ximena participates in

  • JavaMuseum
  • I-Corrida – netart from Spain