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David Casacuberta, Marco Bellinzoni

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is a memegenic guerrilla group. Its main aim is to use new media to develop a vision of life as a fight between memes and genes. This is expressed in a multidisciplinary manner (by means of low-tech, music, video.). By memegenic we mean a new philosophy to analyse life according to the polarity meme/gene. Genes control our bodies and obligue us to make more genes, and memes control our brains to make copies of themselves.
For us, art is one of the ways, a non-conceptual one, to express life as a fight between memes and genes. We consider it the more expressive way to do it.


2002 Noise_Inside a revision from new media and memetic gender personalities of Duchamp’s ready-made “a secret noise” (
Presented at the exhibit “Un ruido secreto” within the Primavera
Sound 02 Festival.

2001 Borderhack a violation of the virtual space of the user to show him/her how hard memetic frontiers can be. (
Presented at the performance Borderhack 01 and File 02.

2000 DJ El ñino An artificial personality which expresses emotions with music (
Presented at the z2000 festival (Berlin). Financed by the Akademie der Kunste (Berlin) and File 02

1999 G.U.N. Semantic network exposing several memes related to the concept of work and its revision in the virtual
world. (

Exhibited at the Werkleitz Biennale on 2000 (first prize category ) in Art Futura 01, File 02 and the Net Art guide from the Frauhofer Institute

1998—Mantra Mandala and psychoacustics (

Exhibited at: Art Futura 01, Mediaterra 01, File 02 and Sonar 02

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NewMediaFest2007 – DIGITAL MEDIA Valencia 2008
JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
net.NET – netart features I-V (2007-2008)


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