tinydiva aka Margaret Jameson (USA)

tinydiva aka Margaret Jameson


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  • Margaret Jameson (tinydiva) is a musician, producer, and sound designer who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She recently completed “Running,” a fifteen minute composition commissioned by the art duo MTAA (M. River and T. Whid) for the podcasting project “To be listened to.” funded by the Rhizome Foundation, released in April 2006, http://mtaa.net/2bl2/. Her track “Break it Donna,” was selected for the Advanced D&D compilation “Let’s Break” for WFMU, 2005. She composed a soundtrack for MTAA’s “DC 9/11 – The Evildoers’ Remix” which she performed live at a screening at Postmasters, New York, NY, in August 2004. The film was also shown at the Fischerspooner Excellent Workshop Salon in Brooklyn, NY, in October, 2004. She also composed and performed the opening 30 minute soundtrack for MTAA’s “Pirated Movie: A Pirated Screening of the Pirates of the Caribbean” at Postmasters, New York, NY, in 2003.

    Margaret’s sound design projects have included “ada1852” by Christopher Fahey commissioned by the Rhizome Foundation and exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, NY, in October 2002; “Concentric Empathy” also by Christopher Fahey commissioned by the Whitney Museum of American Art Artport; and “Double Cell Ecology” for Double Cell curated by Golan Levin for SingleCell.org, 2002. Margaret composed the soundtrack and theme song for a CD-ROM game called FutureNet, published in 1997 by mPen.

    As tinydiva, she released an ep, 5 tracks, in January 2002. Margaret was a guest vocalist/lyricist for The Freight Elevator Quartet on “Svengali” from the album Becoming Transparent released by Caipirinha Music, distributed by Sire Records Group, in 2000, http://www.fe4.com/. From 1997 to 1999, Margaret was an Interscope Records recording artist, as the vocalist/lyricist/co-producer for the band Market. Margaret has performed
    at many New York City live music venues including the Bowery Ballroom, the Roxy, Galapagos, CBGB’s, and Fez.

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