Peter Wadham / Susannah Brown (Australia)

Peter Wadham / Susannah Brown

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  • short bio:
    Peter Wadham (Wonderfeel)
    Mid to Late 80s: Audio Karma experimental electronica with synth effects instruments & devices
    88-90: Songwriting, vocals, flute & sampler with Insyte punk/ska band with strong social conscience and tendency toward theatrical antics, 70 gigs, cassette album & 7″
    1993: Wonderfeel is born to create sampladelic dance music
    compelling grooves with surreal atmosphere created from uniquely sampled sounds
    Mid to Late 90s: Co-ordinated The Turning benefit compilation of alternative acoustic acts to raise funds to fight the logging of East Gippsland’s Old Growth forests
    Installations with card readings & playing freelance characters in Order of Chaos productions Labyrinth at Confest and the Saturnalia warehouse installation
    Collaboration with Future Relic building Techno Temple installation
    Costumed performance at Earthcore dance parties
    2000-05: Participated in 5 x 3 involving 5 Melbourne electronic acts releasing 3″ CDs
    Wondefeel Live with live sampling from audience and self, flute, vocals, percussion and theremin Oraclar installation with Future Relic at Tomorrow Cafe
    Launched audiovisual web presence

    2006 . . .
    Developing an atmospheric web realm to supply unique artistry

    short bio:
    Susannah Brown (Shadowsense) has a passion for utilising subtle healing modalities and creative tools to facilitate healing and produce unique music and visual art. Shadowsense aims to offer an inspired and unusual experience to assist in nuturing our inner connection and deepen our experience to all that is.

    1999 Studied Flute with Eva Steglinska
    2003 Music collaboration with Wonderfeel to create ‘Smoshar’, Began Photoshop studies
    2004 Studied Classical Guitar with Chris Wynne of Thomas Lloyd Guitars
    Video art displayed at Melbourne Fringe Festival during a live performance
    Completed Final Cut Pro Introduction course at Open Channel
    2005 Completed Final Cut Pro Advanced course at Open Channel
    2006 Currently studying Essential Kinesiology at The Health Arts College
    Work in progress on a music video clip for Wonderfeel
    Work in progress of another music collaboration with Wonderfeel
    Developing a submission for Digital Fringe
    Visual images will be displayed through, samples now available online

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