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About group/work
Project Threadbare is a city-wide coalition in Toronto, Ontario, made up of members of the Pakistani and south Asian communities, cultural organisations, immigrant and refugee groups, anti-poverty organisations, political groups, faith groups, trade unionists, students, and concerned activists and individuals who came together in response to the arrest and detention of twenty Pakistani men and one south Indian man in August 2003.
None of the men have committed a crime and none have been charged.

Project Threadbare alludes to the RCMP investigation called “Project Thread.
” Although the investigation produced no hard evidence of any wrongdoing by any of the men who were arrested, it was the basis on which they were all held.
Our aim is to win exoneration for all the men by building a mass campaign in communities across the country. We also seek to raise awareness about the government’s attacks on civil liberties in general and on immigrants, refugees, and non-status persons in particular.

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