Haleh Niazmand (Canada/Iran)

Haleh Niazmand

—> Survey of Common Sense

About artist/work
Haleh Niazmand’s art has been exhibited widely in many galleries and museums including the San Diego Museum of Art, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, The Des Moines Art Center, the University of Arizona Museum of Art, The Worth Rider Gallery at the University of California, Berkeley, the Macy Gallery at Columbia University and A Space Gallery, Toronto. The internet-adapted version of her participatory projects The Survey of Common Sense and the Post Exile collective’s Word Room are included in the Rhizome’s Artbase archive. In addition, Niazmand’s art has been discussed in numerous scholarly essays, journals, and professional magazines including the Middle East Women Studies Review, Radical History Review, Mix Magazine and Artweek.
Polls and surveys are amongst the most commonly utilized methods of social control. In addition to their use in scientific research, surveys aid the media and interest groups in the creation of public opinion, which often directly affects the democratic processes of policy-making. Consequently, over time, the influence of surveys will manifest in many aspects of public
opinion including the evolution of common sense.
The Survey of Common Sense is an art project that uses the methodology of polls to address an array of contemporary social issues. The structure of this work involves the audience’s participation as an integral part of the art, making it not merely observational or interpretive, but it is during this participation that its purpose is revealed. The work’s general strategy calls for a re-evaluation of our judgmental rights, focusing on the uneasy and the paradoxical worldview.

Haleh Niazmand participates in

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  • JavaMuseum
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