Sarah Knudtson

Sarah Knudtson
Sarah Knudtson is a teaching artist, whose work revolves around the ideas of anxiety and excess. She explores these ideas with the language of tourism, creating and repurposing items such as photographs, souvenirs, sounds, maps and journals. She holds an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
She currently lives in South Florida with her partner Stephen Germana and their cats Roland & Meep.

Participant in
Corona! Shut Down?
Sound Work: F is for Fox, 2020, 1:35
Kate was on her second run through of the alphabet, only stopping for Maggie to take note of which letter the raps interupted. They were not alone.
F is for Fox is an homage to the Fox Sisters, child mediums who inspired the Spiritualist Movement of the 19th Century.