Rosa Futuro (Italy)

Rosa Giulio a.k.a. Rosa Futuro

participant in
VideoChannel – [self]~imaging
artists portraying themselves in film & video

1969 born in Vallo della Lucania (Italy), 1997 bachelor degree in Russian language and literature, until 2000 translator and interpreter from Russian to Italian, since 2000 working as a freelance artist (visual and digital arts) and since 2005 also as costume designer for theater and cinema. I live in Berlin since 2004.
“IL FUTURO È ROSA” has been screened at:
Video Art Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece (10 July 2009); COMINCIA ADESSO!, exhibition at the gallery “Ventre”, Naples, Italy (23 May – 5 July 2009); Swan Day Berlin – Support Women Artist Now (28 March 2009); SIE HABEN GEWONNEN!, exhibition at the gallery “Klötze und Schinken”, Berlin (11-31 October 2008)