focAR (Romania)

focar group
(Alina Tudor and Razvan Neagoe)
participant in
VideoChannel – [self]~imaging
artists portraying themselves in film & video

Alina Tudor was born in 1980 Constanta Romania and Razvan Neagoe was born in 1974 Bucharest Romania. Both lives and works in London, UK. They Graduated at the National University of Bucharest. They founding of focAR group in 2006 and they are Member of Professional Artist Union from Romania. Since 2006 they are an active member in the public and community art program called “I Love Bucharest”.
They also work in performance, photography, video art, installation art, land art, public art as a member of focAR group, a good reason for winning an important youth prize offered by Professional Artists Union of Romania (2007).
“The idea of starting a group arisen from our strong will to express and share around an artistic gesture in the Urban and Rural space. Our projects are designed and structured around the identity of the individual chased by the consumerism and society, bringing in the spotlight the principles that keep this society going. (focAR)
Personal exhibitions include: RED SPOT- Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest (2008); “U.T.–Global Warming”, MORA gallery, Bucharest (2008); Urban Traces -Urban Pollution “OLD Gallery, Cluj-Napoca (2007)
Performances include: The Travellers Box Project, in conjunction with MOnuMENTS project, Curator Lars Vilhelmsen, co-curator Karen Ay, London UK (2010); “Agenda” program :“You can’t live a life from memories” Romania (2009-2010); Red Spot, White night galleries#2 programs, Studio Transition, Bucharest (2008)
Group exhibition/screening includes: Urban-Jealousy – the 1st International Roaming Biennial of Tehran, curators Amirali Ghasemi and Serhat Koksal (2008-2010); “F.I.F.E CARBUNARI 2010”, the 7th Edition of the International Experimental Film Festival Carbunari 2010, Place Saint-Sulpice, Paris (2010); The 5th International Festival for video art and experimental film ATTITUDE, Bitola, Macedonia (2009); ART within: The Artist in the Workspace, screening Geborgen Kamers, Holland (2008)