Ron Diorio (USA)

Ron Diorio
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Ron Diorio is an artist working in multiple media including photography, video, spoken word and interactive applications.

Ron has had three solo shows of his photographs, which have also been included in many group shows. Ron’s work has been exhibited internationally and is currently represented by Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art in New York
City ( .

He produced Zine TV (93-95), a DIY television series on the diversity and creativity of the self publishing “zine scene” of the mid 90s. Ron’s current video work focuses on virtuality and the “imitation of life” in the early 21st century. The work is presented through short personal essays weaving, spoken word, video, photography, Poegles, and found public forum postings and other texts. Ron is VP for Product and Community Development for The Economist/ He is a life long New Yorker and lives with his wife and two children in northern Manhattan.