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Reginald Brooks

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Born in the San Francisco bay area, Reginald Brooks mostly grew up in and around LA.
College and post-graduate work (MS, incomplete) at Oregon State University was followed by one-year study and certification as a Medical Technologist in Portland, OR.
After five years as a medical research specialist, he made, at age 30, the leap to become a full-time visual artist…drawing, painting and sculpting…was made and continues to this day.
New media was seamlessly added in 1998. Throughout this journey, he has returned to art-science interface theme a number of times. Writing and works addressing the beauty and magic of mathematics and physics have crossed back and forth with works on
paper, canvas, wood, metal, and stone…each referencing back to the other. The art-science interface, while present in the minds of many and codified in our institutions, is nevertheless the artificial separation of the effort to perceive, conceive and express our place in the universe.

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