André Sier (Portugal)

André Sier
participant in
Celebrate! – netart features 2010
10 Years JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art

André Sier (1977, Lisboa) is an audiovisual artist-programmer. Has a degree in Philosophy (FCSH, 2005), having also studied Painting and Sculpture at Ar.Co. Produces objects that installs in exhibiting spaces since 1997. The objects seek to unravel conections between time and space using algorithmically structures of sound and image. Highlights his series struct, 747, space race, works that propose emersing experiences in virtual abstract spaces, often using only site-specific data, like sounds and movement captured through microphones and cameras, or synthesizing experiences ruled by generative and chaotic maths in 3d environments. Among other places, his works have been exhibited at Teatro da Trindade (2000, Lisboa), Caja S. Juan (2001, Seville Es), Quadrum Gallery (2002, Lisboa), Hospital Júlio de Matos (2002 and 2007, Lisboa), festival Música Viva (2003, 2004, 2007, Pt), festival Hertzoscópio (2003, 2004, Oeiras Pt), Meiac (2006, Badajoz Es), Vera Cortes Art Agency (2006, 2007, Lisboa), Untitled Art Space (2006, Oklahoma US), Revolver Platform (2007, Lisboa), Virtual Gallery DGartes (2007, Lisboa), White Box Gallery (2007, New York US), project lx2.0 (2008, Lisboa), Biennale Puglia (2008, Bari It), festival Eme(2008, Lisboa), Leonel Moura Art Gallery (2008, Lisboa). Collaborates with several artists from music, plastic and performing arts. Teaches audio-visual programming regularly since 2002.