Peter Vadocz (Hungary)

participates in
VideoChannel – One Minute Film Collection
VAD – Video Art Database

Born 1978
Former student of KJF College (Hungary) in Media major. Recently he is graduating in Science University of PECS.
He lead the Creative Workshop in KJF College, where talented students get chance to make their own short films.
His works was screened on several television channels, as MTV, M2, VIVA, Duna TV, TV2, TV3 (Spain), Toscana TV (Italy), Orléans TV (France), Deutsche Welle (Germany) etc. Recently he takes part mainly international projects; his last experimental work was produced by the Council of Europe.
He is continously taking part on numerous international festivals, as well as he was a „Talent” of 5th Berlinale Talent Campus (and Berlin Angels Day) and 1th Sarajevo Talent Campus in 2007.

His shorts have been selected to take part in the competitive sections of 200+ international film festivals in 40 countries, all over the world. And won 33 awards.Short film maker and mobile film maker.
Graduated in Communications/Media major on Science University of Pecs.
He led a Creative Visual Workshop in a College for years. His works was screened on TV channels in France, Germany, Hungary, Spain, Italy, and UK.
He was taking part as Talent director on 5th Berlinale Talent Campus and Berlin Angels Day, and 1st Sarajevo Talent Campus.
Prix Europa (Berlin) and MIPCOM (Cannes) award winner among others.
Recently he takes part mainly international projects; some of his last experimental works was produced by the German Foreign Office (Berlin) and the Council of Europe (Brussels).
One of his works was the official spot of the European Union.
Won some main prizes for his made-on-mobile shorts on prestigious mobile film festivals (supported by Nokia).
Screenings on main festivals: in Hollywood, London, Cannes, Berlin, European Parliament (Brussels), Times Square (New York) among others.
300+ international film festival screenings in 44 countries, all over the world. Won 44 awards.