Parya Vatankhah (Iran)

Parya Vatankhah

Currently lives in France

“My favorite subject had always been, love and the feelings of women. The unrest in the society, the troubles I witnessed, the loneliness and solitude of women when they can’t be independent. And my favorite shape, a woman’s body…

How time flies when you do what you love with all your heart… Even if their motives are your anguish, grief and pain, and other’s…

Even when your thoughts are dark.

With a smiling and calm face, I am turbulent inside, filled with pain and longing… Longing for good days in Iran and pain, pains of me and of us…

And art is sometimes my way of freeing from these thoughts.”

Parya Vatahkhah was born in Tehran, in 1976. Her love of the arts began in her childhood. She studied painting in Tehran university.

She exhibited her works in important galleris in Tehran. From 2000 to 2009 she was in more than 20 individual and group exhibitions, including an exhibition in Paris, in 2006. Her most recent exhibition was in Toronto, Canada, where she showed her first video art, “Metamorphose”.

After 5 years of teaching in universities of Tehran and having exhibitions, she decided to leave Iran for a change of experience, for fresh air, for feeling freedom. And she chose France which was the place of her dreams for a long time.

Parya continues her studies in France, for her second Masters in Plastic Arts.

Parya states: “here I am sad, far from Iran and my family, but I feel I can do what I want and what I could not do in Iran.”