Hamed Shahihi (Iran)

Hamed Shahihi

Currently lives in Tehran, Iran

Born in 1980 in Tehran, Hamed Sahihi is one Iran’s most intriguing painters. Trained in Tehran and graduating with a Master of Arts in Painting in 2003, he has since gone on to enjoy considerable success in Iran, with several solo shows in Tehran and participation in over twenty group exhibitions.

His style is easily recognizable. From early on his figures have tended to float in space, giving a dreamlike feel to his works. In fact one haunting series produced in 2004 was called simply ‘Dreams’. Since then he has painted series of people reading books, of distorted close-up portraits, of aerial views of cities that make them look like toys, and most recently of clowns.

Sahihi has also enjoyed some success as a filmmaker, having made several short films and video animations over the past five years, and having attended workshops with the legendary Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami.