Pablo Renee Rosero Marino (Ecuador)

Pablo Renee Rosero Marino

He is participant in
animateCologne – Cologne Art & Animation Festival

Since 2005 to 2010 He made music studies in the Franz Liszt conservatory (Ecuador) piano and composition with a scholarship, in Sonica “school of electronic music” (Argentina) digital composition & electronic music also whit a scholarship, CEAMC (ARG) period 2010.
He has participated in festivals, meetings and concert in Ecuador and Argentina. More relevant : “Festival Mes Fraz Liszt” 2009-2010(ECU), “Encuentro de arte sonoro Tsonami 2011”(ARG), “Festival MicroSonica 2011”(ARG), with the experimental band “Detractores de la Armonía” in the “Festival de BrutArt”,(ARG), as an integrate of the laptop orchestra “Laptork” “Conciertos en el Limbo”(ARG), in the “Festival MicroSonica 2011”(ARG).

As an audiovisual performer and in the field of animation Pablo Rosero is self-taught, learning about real time animation for make his work in progress ~ Liv, he studied environments like Processing, Quartz Composer, Max/Msp/Jitter, etc. The project was born few months before 2012 and He has the opportunity by selections to made performances and screenings in:
• “International multimedia art festival” (Myanmar)
• “FILE Festival 2012” (Brasil)
• “Festival Miden 2012” (Greece)
• “Athens Video*/ Art Festival” (Greece)
• “Video Bites03-Let the music play” (Germany)
• “Festival Sonica 2011” (Argentina)
• “Festival MicroSonica 2011” (Argentina)