Mark Fumio Kadota (USA)

Mark Fumio Kadota

I do art-work because I am into planting questions. Finding answers is a messy job and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty.

My main motivation to create artwork is to find universal languages, searching for common truths that unite rather than separate. I feel that artwork, at its best, mirror society and our interior selves, raise questions, and presents communication and reflection. I try to make my messages human, poetic, inclusive, humorous, accessible and comprehensible to everyone.

I am mainly a conceptual artist who uses both traditional and non-traditional media to explore ideas. The various media I work in are video, painting, photography, installations, performance, movement, music, poetry, kinetic stage sets, sculpture, ceramics and film. I tend to work in series. I explore the concept through the series of work till I exhaust the idea. Usually I move to the next concept and at times return to former concepts with newfound ideas.

My artwork is in a constant state of change. I feel to live a fully creative life I must constantly critically examine my work. I attempt to discern where I have become stagnant and where I might explore new beginnings. I feel there can be no new growth if I do not stay open and risk vulnerability. The predictability in any art form can be debilitating.

Some highlights for my video/sound work have been numerous. My video/sound art was selected to be one of the 6 video artists that represented the US and was exhibited in the Cultural Exhibition at the Today Museum for the Beijing Olympics. My work was also included in the Venice Biennale in 2009 and this year my video/sound work will go to the London Olympics.